Our Services

Here at Kae Edward Plumbing, we strive to provide our customers with the highest level of quality and service. Serving Both Sugarland and FORT BEND for more than 5 years, we are always ready to handle your plumbing problems!


One Year Warranty

We proudly offer a FREE one year warranty on all of the parts that we provide and our labor. We are confident in the service we provide and we want you to be also! By choosing Kae Edward Plumbing you can be confident that your plumbing needs will be met with the highest quality service.

Our Service Professionals

From the moment that you first meet our technicians to the moment they leave, we strive to provide you only with the best possible experience. Even before entering your home our technicians will put on protective shoe covers to ensure that your floors are properly cared for. Our trained service technicians work hard to provide a high quality service that will outstep your expectations.

Done Right the First Time

Because we are so passionate about providing the highest quality of work that we even guarantee our work with a one year labor warranty, we are equally as passionate about getting the job done right the very first time. This is because when a plumbing issue arises it is never at a convenient time and our goal is to get it taken care of as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your normal schedule as quickly as possible. When we are able to tackle your issue the very first time it saves you money and time compared to having to call us back out. We are also committed to never cutting corners as we know that this usually results in faulty work that does not last. This means that when you call Kae Edward Plumbing out for your plumbing needs we are going to work as efficiently as possible while also making sure that we are not leaving until the job is completed. If an unexpected issue occurs while we are fixing our diagnosing your issue we will make sure to inform you what this issue is going to do to the timeframe of the completion of your job.

High Quality Parts

We believe that the quality of service in which we are able to provide our customers is not just dependent on the skill set of our technicians or customer service in which we provide but also in the parts that we use! When you come to us for plumbing you will have confidence that not only is the work being performed is going to be top notch but the parts used to do it will be reliable and top of the line. We use materials from notable brands that have lasted the test of time and that we would trust to even us for our own home. When you call Kae Edward Plumbing for your plumbing needs, from the moment we answer the phone to the second we leave your house we operate under the principle of treating each customer the way we ourselves would like to be treated. This means using parts that we know offer manufacturer warranties themselves. Because we use high quality parts we are not only able to gain the customers trust and know that we are giving them peace of mind that the issue is not going to arise again anytime soon!

Upfront Pricing

Providing FREE service estimates, here at Kae Edward Plumbing we provide only fair and reasonable prices for all your plumbing needs. With over 5 years of constant and continual tweaking of our prices, our cost for service is very fair and competitive. You can be confident that when you schedule us for your next service appointment that we will be only fair and reasonable with our service quote.

Protecting your floors

From wearing boot covers to placing protective floor mats as necessary, we ensure that your home is always protected from the work environment. The last thing we want is for your nice wood floors or perfect carpets to be harmed by work related materials, so you can be confident knowing that when you use Kae Edward Plumbing for your residential plumbing that the protection of your floors will be a high priority! We pride ourselves on a very clean work environment.

We pull permits

To protect your home and ensure that everything is to the most up to date plumbing code, we always without exception pull permits where they are necessary. Whether you’re installing a new water heater or repairing a main line drain, we will always check and ensure that the appropriate permits are pulled and our plumbing work is inspected.

Residential Services

We offer a wide range of services towards our Residential Customers, and these services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Water Heater Installation / Repair / Diagnosis
  • Tankless Water Heater Installation / Repair / Diagnosis
  • Flush / Drain Water Heater
  • Toilet Replacement / Repair / Diagnosis
  • Toilet Wax Ring Replacement
  • Toilet Flange Repair
  • Shower Valve Replacement
  • Shower Valve Cartridge Replacement
  • Faucet Installation / Repair
  • Garbage Disposer Replacement / Maintenance / Diagnosis
  • Drain Replacement / Repair
  • Leak Repair / Diagnosis
  • Home Plumbing Inspection

We’re here for You!

Ultimately we want nothing but the best for our customers. We work hard and diligently day in and day out to maintain our professional services and especially to give You as our customer the best service that we can. Your understanding of the process every step of the way is important and we make sure that the customer is always informed of anything unexpected or changes to the work being done.

When you call us for your next service appointment, don’t be afraid to ask the technician questions to better understand your plumbing problems! We’re here for you and want you to have a great experience with us.