Kae Edward Plumbing is family owned and operated offering expert plumbing Sugar Land TX serving homes across Fort Bend County. Our family started Kae Edward Plumbing to help you and your neighbors by providing honest pricing and reliable plumbing repairs.

Jacqueline and I, Ron Maeder, married in 1995. I was already serving in the Army for 2 years at the time and served for another 5 years before entering into the plumbing field in 2001. We have 11 wonderful children and always dreamed of owning a business one day. Little did we know that we would actually be faced with a sink or swim decision that would cause us to jump out into the unknown.

Owning a plumbing company was an idea we floated for years, but we were never ready to do it. But, because of a hip and lower back issue that caused me to slow down, my performance in plumbing Sugar Land TX, work was affected and I knew that I was either going to have to assume a different position which offered less pay or we were going to have to make our break. It was the start of one of the scariest times of our lives, but God blessed. Nothing was simple or easy. We had a few good days and MANY bad days. Those few good days got us through to the next few. The struggle would be more than we ever could have imagined. The learning curve was high. My oldest sons assumed roles that assisted me in plumbing Sugar Land TX. At first their role was mostly learning from me as I was still mostly mobile, but as time went on and my hip and back pain worsened… without them, I truly do not know where we would be as a company today. They are a major part of our success. I swell with pride when I get compliments about their work knowledge and ethics.

I started my plumbing career in Michigan. Prior to joining the military I had no clue as to what I wanted to do or even what I was capable of. After serving in the Army I had a better head on my shoulders, but still no real direction or a clue that I’d end up plumbing Sugar Land TX. I did receive scholarship money from my service with the Army, but nothing interested me. There were lots of job titles out there, but would I be happy? Little did I know that I would find happiness after I was laid off from a security company; I had only worked for them for just over a year’s time. Desperate to find work to continue to support my family, I landed an opportunity to work as a drain cleaner in the Lansing area. It was that job, that opportunity, that unlocked my potential, and to top it off, I fell in love with it; plumbing Sugar Land TX became my passion. The greatest compliment I remember getting while I was doing residential plumbing for new construction homes was from a young carpenter. He and I crossed paths a lot, but one day he said to me that he had stopped measuring where to install certain interior basement walls because my underground pipe placements had been so consistently accurate. I took pride in my work then and I still do today.

The housing bubble crisis that hit around 2007 is the reason we left Michigan. Once again, I had gotten laid off because there was no work anywhere in new construction. My family and I committed that if I had to leave the state to find work that we would all leave together. I sent out applications to quite a few companies in the Houston area and received a job offer in a matter of a few days. We didn’t hesitate! We were packed and heading to plumbing Sugar Land TX in less than a week. We are grateful to the citizens of Texas that made this state so great. The Houston area has been so blessed and we are excited to be in the midst of such a great economic city. It is also in the Houston area that I transitioned from a new construction plumber to a service plumber, and it was quite the learning curve.

I worked for a few reputable plumbing service companies in the greater Houston area, as well as Katy, Texas over the years. The plumbers I rubbed shoulders with helped me to gain a lot of valuable knowledge and experience. If it were not for those plumbing Sugar Land TX companies that gave me the opportunity to work for them as well as the many professional plumbers that helped mentor me, I would not be able to run this company to the standard it is today. I learned about customer care and embraced it. My wife endured the hard hours I put in to keep our family fed as she did what she could to keep our family functioning without my presence. She supported me through some very trying times. I remember one of my sons saying to me one night as I walked through the door around 7:30 pm, “Dad, you’re home early tonight.” Plumbing is my passion, but something had to change. I was working to live, but somehow found myself living to work.

Starting with the phone call through to the completion of the job, Jacqueline is committed to providing excellent customer care to ensure all of our customers are understood and that their needs have been taken care of properly. Many times I have received compliments about my wife from customers as they referenced her as the “nice young girl” who answers the phone. I would argue that she assumes more of the workload than I do for plumbing Sugar Land TX by also managing the finances. Quite often when I get home, she is still doing something business related to stay on top of the day and ensure that next day is set and ready to go.

Together, my wife and I are able to pass on to our children an appreciation for good work ethics, a valuable trade skill and the commitment to quality customer service. Our goals are both for the customer and for our employees who plumbing Sugar Land TX. We want our employees to enjoy a wholesome quality of life that allows them to have and be with their families. It is one of the reasons why we do not offer emergency services or work weekends. We believe a happy and rested employee will serve our customers best. We believe strongly in the family unit and want all of our employees to spend quality time with their families. Jacqueline and I look forward to helping you and it is our intent to ensure that your plumbing Sugar Land TX is taken care of properly because you are the reason we are in business today. And as for the company name, Kae is my wife’s middle name and Edward is mine.